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$42m business intelligence contract won by Apprio

Apprio, a leading specialised technology solutions provider that focuses mainly on health, defence and Homeland security sectors just won a business intelligence contract of $42m (about £32 million). The company’s announcement of the 5-year contract awarded to it by Centres for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Strategic Partners Acquisition Readiness Contract (SPARC) came about 2 weeks ago on 22 October 2018.

Currently, this is the largest CMS contract for Apprio, which makes it a competitor of the business intelligence companies UK firms. Apprio is required under the CMS contract to conduct business intelligence (BI) as well as analytics support tasks that will further improve operations in serving CMS enterprise data to the authorised user community.

Working with the Agency, the company will collaborate and invent within the CMS to empower users with self-service business intelligence capacities meant to analyse and visualise enterprise data. So by employing lean and agile strategies, Apprio will assist CMS to deliver intuitive design solutions. This way, the project will yield positive user experience and promote the needs of the required mission.

The technology solutions providing company which causes influence in the significant business intelligence companies UK providers offered CMS a team of highly experienced experts. This is a group of specialists with in-depth knowledge of the business intelligence technologies and their implementations. The international technology solutions providers also have an expert experience in CMS working environment.

Apprio expert teams are comprised of Index Analytics, ManTech Advanced Systems International, Next Phase Solutions and Services as well as the SAS Institute. Apprio boasts of a number of strengths. The team put together by the company has decades of years in complex health IT environments. Apprio also has locations in around 6 states in the US from where it operates so it can reach a bigger number in its target.

It also possesses one of the biggest global data challenges. This is useful for the agency, especially for its vast amount of information it uses to fulfil its broad spectrum of services required of it. These range from detecting fraud to managing provider payment. Speaking about Apprio’s strengths and tasks, the company’s president, Darryl Britt also talked more about their expert team. Mr Britt talked of a team made of incumbents and analytics industry innovators and they are eager to begin the project and assist CMS in its efforts to achieve a modernisation.

For more than 15 years Apprio has offered services and management to the federal health programs, working as a prime contractor specialising in IT tasks vital in the business operations conducted by the CMS. Some of the most significant include claims administration, health enterprise architecture, healthcare professional credentialing and electronic health records (EHR).

The federal health IT functions Apprio is involved in are engineering and managing programs and technology solutions for CMS, and others including the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Defence Health Agency and National Disaster Medical System. This is certainly news for the business intelligence companies UK companies to ponder and think of ways to move ahead.

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